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Classes in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager used by org.ChinaVO.FITSManager
          Load the language information for the application.
          Load the config.xml file which storage all of the configuration information for this application.
System ss=SystemSetting.getSystemSetting();
ss.getBooleanValue("config/system/isShowHiddenFiles", true);
The path is case sensitive.
remark:config.xml should be at the root directory of the whole application.
          This class is used for dealing the special xml format files:
<node1 name="">
<node2 name=""/>
which node/element has only an attribute and the name of the attribute is unique, such as "name","value"

You can read a node/element's attribute value, by get***value(path, defaultValue),example:
getStringValue("config/node1", "");
The path = "config" + "/" + "node1".

Remark, after you new an object of this class, you should remember calling the obj.loadXML() to start reading the xml file.