Package org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListView

Interface Summary
FListViewDataRequestInterface FListView needs its user to provide these informations.

Class Summary
FDetailTableAlignCellRenderer Set the appearance of items in viewDetail.
FDetailView FDetailView implements the viewDetail in FListView.
codes below is an example about how to initialize columns.
FList JList implements the thumbnail, icon, list,tails view in FListView.
FCommonList m_viewIcons = new FCommonList(JList.HORIZONTAL_WRAP,
FCommonList.NormalICON, SwingConstants.CENTER,
SwingConstants.BOTTOM, new Dimension(80, 80));
FListCellRenderer Set the appearance of items in viewCommons.
FListView Simulate windows explorer's view, contain 5 type views:
FListView.VIEWDETAILS=1 details view FListView.VIEWLIST=2 list view FListView.VIEWICONS=3 icons view FListView.VIEWTILES=4 tiles view FListView.VIEWTHUMBNAILS=5 thumbnails view
In these 5 views, detail view is a FDetailview(base on JTable), called it viewDetail, and other 4 view are all FCommonList(base on JList), call them viewCommon.
Someone who want to use this FListView, he/she should implements the FListViewDataRequestInterface.

remark: user should initialize the columns in detail view, in fact it's a JTable instance.
Items in this views are all FItemCell objects, FItemCell base on JLabel.
FListViewItemCell Items in FListView are all FListViewItemCell object.