Package org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListViewOperator

Interface Summary
FilePropertyDialogListener TODO

Class Summary
FilePropertyDialog A dialog shows a file's property.
FListViewGetIconListener someone who want to provider the icons for files in FListView should extends this Listener.
FListViewMouseListener extends the MouseAdapter in order to deal with the mouse events.
FListViewOperateEvent FListViewOperator supply these event to announce listeners something happen.
FListViewOperateListener EventListner with the FListViewOperateEvent.
FListViewOperator A utility class, help programmer using the FListView.
In FListViewOperator, FListView's items all suppose to be File object.
FListViewOperator use a Singleton design pattern, in this application there will be only one FListViewOperator instance exists.
FListViewPopupMenu The PopupMenu of FListViewOpeator provide for FListView.