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Packages that use FListViewItemCell

Uses of FListViewItemCell in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListView

Fields in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListView declared as FListViewItemCell
static FListViewItemCell FListView.defaulNullFItemCell

Methods in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListView that return FListViewItemCell
 FListViewItemCell FListViewDataRequestInterface.getCellValue(int row, int col)
          Provide the information in detail view.
The information should be construct in a FListViewItemCell instance.
 FListViewItemCell FListView.getItemCell(int column, int row)
          Get reference of an item in viewDetail.

Methods in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListView with parameters of type FListViewItemCell
 void FListViewPosibility.addItem(FListViewItemCell ic)
          add a new item into FListView.
 void FListView.addItem(FListViewItemCell c)
          add a new item into FListView.
 void FList.addItem(FListViewItemCell ic)
 void FDetailView.addItem(FListViewItemCell ic)
 void FDetailTableModel.addItem(FListViewItemCell ic)
          Add an item into viewDetail.
 void FListView.setItemCell(FListViewItemCell ic, int column, int row)
          set information for a item in viewDetail.
 void FListViewPosibility.setValueAt(FListViewItemCell ic, int row, int column)
          Set value for the item.
 void FList.setValueAt(FListViewItemCell ic, int row, int column)
 void FDetailView.setValueAt(FListViewItemCell ic, int row, int column)

Uses of FListViewItemCell in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListViewOperator

Methods in org.ChinaVO.FITSManager.FListViewOperator that return FListViewItemCell
 FListViewItemCell FListViewOperator.getCellValue(int row, int col)